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September 8, 2015 - September 10, 2015

European Microwave Week (EuMW)


MicroApps (TERNES Hall)


September 10, 10:30 AM

Automating THz calibration and verification compared with manual methods

Gavin Fisher, Senior Application Engineer, Center of Expertise, Cascade Microtech

Calibration accuracy and repeatability have long been key to obtaining accurate on-wafer device models. Probe placement tolerances are more critical to calibration as operation frequency increases. Cascade Microtech recently launched a range of on-wafer probes that allow testing up to 1.1 THz, a sizeable jump from our previous 500 GHz limit. We have considered the additional requirements needed for the test cell to achieve reliable, repeatable results. For instance, 1 µm of mis-placement represents approximately 3° phase deviation at 1.1 THz. Given the tolerances involved, we felt that an automated multiline TRL calibration would deliver the best results. With that in mind, we developed a large area programmable positioner to handle the combination of probe and large test head. This works in conjunction with Wincal XE™ calibration software and a semi-automatic prober running Velox ™ software, allowing fully-automatic calibration after initial probe placement. However, not all customers have access to semi-automatic stations or programmable positioners, and so we evaluated the trade-offs involved. The presentation will show a configuration and operation video for automatic calibration for 1.1 THz, a manual station with a programmable positioner and a fully manual setup. Error term variation on consecutive calibrations and variation of validation structure measurements will be presented and compared.

Location:Palais Des Congrès, Paris, France

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